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Eastside Speech Solutions is a vibrant private speech pathology practice centrally located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We are passionate about helping people to communicate better. Every day we witness how children and adult’s lives are transformed when a their ability to speak and understand dramatically improves.

EastsideSpeech Solutions is an NDIS-registered provider.

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About Eastside Speech Solutions

Eastside Speech Solutions understands that adults and children are different and we tailor our therapy sessions to accommodate individual’s needs and abilities.

The team’s experience allows us to focus our speech therapy to support and develop good communication regardless of whether we are helping adults or preschoolers, native English speakers or clients from overseas. Our clients reap the benefits of the teamwork of a group of speech therapists with a broad range of experience.

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  • Speech Therapy That Works

    At Eastside Speech Solutions our team of speech language pathologists are experienced in working with children and adults. They are specifically trained to provide in-depth assessment and therapy for a wide range of language and speech problems.

    Operating since 2004, we individually tailor our language programs to suit our patients and know how to make therapy fun and engaging regardless of age or speech difficulty.

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  • Speech Therapy | Eastside Speech

    Gain A Competitive Edge

    Developing and maintaining relationships and succeeding at work depends heavily on your ability to communicate.

    Eastside Speech offers tailored plans for adults with pronunciation/speech sound difficulties, stuttering, accent improvement, voice problems and speech difficulties following strokes, head injury or other neurological problems.

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  • Speech Therapy | Eastside Speech

    Communicating is Fun!

    Eastside Speech Solutions is committed to helping children improve their speech and language development to communicate better. Every day we witness how children's lives are transformed when a child's ability to listen and express themselves dramatically improves.

    We offer a wide range of speech therapies to assist with literacy, stuttering, language delay and apraxia.

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Why Work With Us


One in seven Australians experience some form of communication difficulty during their lifetime. These include difficulties with pronouncing speech sounds, expressive or receptive language problems, language delay or disorders or trouble with reading and writing. Developing and maintaining the ability to communicate is a journey we all take: starting as a toddler first mimicking our parents; to a preschooler learning to speak clearly, or smoothly and correctly without stuttering; then as a school aged child we begin to read and speak with confidence; through to becoming an adult who relies on clear speech for work and play.

The speech therapy team at Eastside Speech understand that sometimes the journey to good communication is not easy and believe that effective, positive speech therapy can be the key to improved confidence at school, in work, and in relationships.

Our speech pathologists work with people who have speech disorders, providing essential support for their communication needs.

Online Speech Therapy/ Telehealth Available

Online Speech Therapy / Telehealth Available

Online speech therapy for children or adults is a valuable service we offer at our clinic. This means you can have speech therapy services in your own home and there is no need to be concerned about traveling to our clinic!

Online speech therapy enables children or adults who need help with their speech and communication to make progress even when they cannot get to our clinic. There is no need to miss out or regress because of the need to socially distance or because you do not live near our clinic.

We offer a wide range of therapy to assist with literacy, difficulties saying sounds correctly (pronunciation), stuttering, apraxia, language disorders or language delay, accent modification and accent reduction as well as working with those suffering communication impairment as a result of developmental conditions, brain injury, stroke or other neurological conditions.