A fun activity for practicing CH and J Sounds

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Purple Smoothie | A fun activity for practicing CH and J | Eastside Speech

A fun activity for practicing CH and J Sounds.

MAKE a Purple Smoothie!

When you can make a ‘ch’ and ‘j’ sound in words or with a vowel following (like ‘chew’ or ‘chair’, or, ‘jaw’, ‘Joe’) you will need to practice lots of times in words that you use every day.

This is a fun activity with lots of opportunities to practice these sounds.

First make a recipe.  List the ingredients and utensils you will need.  

Use the list to gather the items.  Get your helper to read out each one – let them know “check” as you put it out on the counter.  Tick each on off the list.


CHECK Boxes – say “check” each time


6 frozen pitted Cherries

Cherries Check!

26 frozen Blueberries

Berries Check!

36 frozen Blackberries

Berries Check!

46 pieces of frozen Banana

Banana Check!

550-60ml of water or cranberry/pomegranate juiceWater/Juice Check!

63 big spoons of yoghurt

Yoghurt Check!


BlenderBlender Check!

2SpoonSpoon Check!

3KnifeKnife Check!

4Chopping boardChopping board Check!

5Jug (for water/juice)Juice Jug Check!

6Cups for servingCups Check!

7Straws or lids “just in case” Straws Just in case: Check!


1. Check off the recipe
2. Gather the ingredients and utensils
3. Chop the banana: Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop!
4. Add all the ingredients into the blender: all in? “check” and blend
5. pour and enjoy…. Look out it might go on your cheeks or chin!!!!


choose, chop, chopping board, check, cherries, chilly (cold), cheek, chin
juice, jug, just (in case, a bit more)

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