About Eastside Speech

Eastside Speech is a vibrant private speech therapy practice centrally located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Operating since 2004, our team of dedicated speech pathologists are passionate about helping the world to communicate better.

The practice is an approved NDIS service provider. We are registered with Medicare and are able to see clients using the Enhanced Primary Care referral scheme. We are also registered as a FaHSCIA panel provider and are able to see children eligible for funding using the Working With Children with Autism (ASI) and Better Start (BSI) initiatives.


Eastside Speech Solutions understands that therapy needs differ greatly between adults and children and we tailor our therapy sessions to accommodate individual needs and abilities.

We offer:

    • Speech therapy for toddlers and preschoolers
    • Therapy for school age children
    • Therapy for adults
    • Therapy for stutterers
    • Reading literacy and spelling skills
    • Therapy for children with special needs
    • Stroke and brain injury rehabilitation
    • Accent modification
    • Strategies for tongue thrust
    • PROMPT Therapy
About Eastside Speech Solutions | Randwick Sydney
About Eastside Speech Solutions | Randwick Sydney


For more information about Eastside Speech Solutions and how speech therapy can assist with speech and language difficulties: