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Maddy Wykes

Speech Pathologist

About Maddy

Maddy is passionate about working with children and adults who experience challenges with their ability to understand and communicate with those around them. She loves working with children and adults and their support networks, from their family to friends and carers involved in their everyday lives, in order to facilitate communication success across everyday routines. She has experience working with children and young people living with a disability in rural areas and is passionate about supporting and building functional communication.

Maddy has experience in assessing and treating children and young people with speech, language and literacy difficulties. Maddy has completed training in Visualising Verbalising. She has experience using the Lidcombe program for the treatment of stuttering. Maddy also has experience working with children with a disability to build functional communication both through verbal speech and with the use of Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC). She has completed PECS training and has experience implementing PECS and also with trialling and implementing high tech AAC including the use of Liberator dedicated language devices, in addition to the use of LAMP and PROLOQUO2GO applications for iPad. She has also completed SOS training for feeding difficulties. Maddy has done the advanced PROMPT(c) Bridging training.

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