Are all speech pathologists trained in PROMPT©?

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Are all speech pathologists trained in PROMPT©? | Eastside Speech Solutions Sydney

Not all therapists are trained in PROMPT © – it is taught at a post-graduate level. The PROMPT © institute website enables families for find PROMPT © trained clinicians at introductory, and more advanced levels of training:

Is there any research to support it?

There is a significant body of research underpinning the theoretical approach, as well as the benefits it has with various client groups. These include those with Speech Sound Disorders, Dysarthria, Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Autism Spectrum Disorder, speech disorders associated with cerebral palsy, Broca’s Aphasia and adult apraxia. Here is a link to the research library of the PROMPT Institute.

The PROMPT Institute website is regularly updated with the latest research evidence for PROMPT©.

Ainsley Poulos, the principal speech pathologist at Eastside Speech Solutions is one of only 4 PROMPT instructors in Australia, and is the only certified instructor in Sydney. For more about our PROMPT Therapy solutions, get in touch with us today on 02 9313 8980.