November 2023 Newsletter

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We can’t believe it’s already November! Wow, the year has flown by! In this month’s newsletter, we discuss AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). There is lot of information out there, but it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Continue reading to learn the facts and myths of AAC, find out our toy of the month, Zingo! and meet … Read More

The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland

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The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland - Eastside Speech Solutions

The Very Cranky Bear is a well-known (and much loved!) book about four friends who meet a very cranky bear. Moose, Lion, and Zebra all thought they could cheer Bear up. At the end, it was the plain but very thoughtful sheep who managed to make Bear smile 🙂  As with many resources, this book can be used thoughtfully to … Read More

Did You Know That Eastside Offers Voice Care Workshops for Professionals?

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Did You Know That Eastside Offers Voice Care Workshops for Professionals

Are you someone who talks a lot for your work? Perhaps you are a teacher, salesperson or fitness instructor needing to project your voice effectively? Eastside Speech is now offering voice care workshops for professional voice users – those who rely on their voice to do their job. Professional voice users include, but are not limited to: Teachers/lecturers Religious leaders … Read More

Mrs Armitage’s Bicycle – by Quentin Blake

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Mrs Armitage s Bicycle - by Quentin Blake EastSide Speech

Mrs Armitage’s Bicycle by Quentin Blake is a delightful children’s book that not only entertains but also offers numerous benefits for speech and language development. This whimsical tale follows Mrs. Armitage as she adds various gadgets and features to her bicycle, creating a hilarious and chaotic adventure. Here are the benefits of this book for speech and language: Vocabulary Expansion: … Read More

The benefits of school holiday speech, language, and social programs

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benefits of social interaction

School holiday groups provide valuable opportunities for children to generalise and apply what they have learned in one-on-one therapy sessions during the term. They support your child’s learning in the following ways: Real-Life Practice: Social skills and language groups create a real-life setting where children can practice their communication skills in a natural and dynamic environment. Unlike one-on-one therapy sessions, … Read More

Will increasing my child’s attendance at preschool or day-care improve their speech and language difficulties?

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child attendance in preschool

It’s important to note that while preschool can be beneficial for many children, it is rarely the sole solution for addressing specific challenges related to conditions like autism spectrum disorder (ASD), language delay, or pronunciation/speech difficulties. These conditions require specialized interventions and tailored support to effectively address the unique needs of each child. Without this support, pre-school may become a … Read More

Early Treatment of Stuttering [Key Advantages]

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Stuttering Therapy | Eastside Speech Solutions Sydney

Early treatment of stuttering is crucial because it offers several key advantages: Intervention is Proactive: Addressing stuttering at an early age allows for proactive measures to be taken. By identifying and treating stuttering early on, we can intervene before the speech patterns become ingrained or negatively impact an indvidual’s self-esteem and communication skills. Developmental Window: During early childhood, the brain … Read More

Tips on helping your child with reading comprehension

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helping child with reading comprehension

Comprehension requires your child to think about what they’re reading as they read. It is one of those skills that makes reading enjoyable, fun and informative. It is a very important skills which has a significant effect on their lives. Yet for some children reading comprehension can be a bit of a struggle and may mean reading becomes an unenjoyable … Read More

What does learning to lose have to do with good social skills?

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social skills for children

Social Skills are an important area that speech pathologists help children and adolescents develop in therapy. Often developing good social skills and social communication is an area children who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder struggle with, however, many neurotypical children also have challenges in this area. One area children often need help with, is learning to lose well. … Read More

Literal Language

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literal language

Some children and adults, especially those with social-emotional communication impairments, will understand and use literal language. But they can struggle with the flexibility of language and understanding underlying meanings that are inferred rather than explicitly stated. However, in conversational speech we often use metaphors, sarcasm and irony without even thinking about it; and it’s our intuition, social empathy, and context … Read More