Does my child need to read before they start school?


Children do not need to be able “read” before starting school in order to go on to have good literacy skills. However, the evidence says that it is important that they recognise at least some letters and know the sounds that some letters make. For instance that the letter “m” makes a “mmmm” sound. Learning a few simple sight words … Read More

How can I help my child have good literacy skills?


Speech pathologist helping child having good literacy skills

Here are a few ideas / tips to help your child with their literacy skills: Read to your child early and often! Parents who start to read to their children from early in life (even as infants) are more likely to continue- it becomes a great habit 😊. Start with with simple colourful books. Continuing to read to children helps … Read More

Improve Your Accent through Speech Therapy


Assessment for speech therapy

Why should I try & improve my accent? Not everyone needs to improve their accent- but if your pronunciation means that people can’t understand you, then that might be a sign that you would benefit from some help. Not being understood is frustrating for you, frustrating for your listeners, and can have a serious impact on your ability to pass your degree or … Read More