Are all speech pathologists trained in PROMPT©?

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Are all speech pathologists trained in PROMPT©? | Eastside Speech Solutions Sydney

Not all therapists are trained in PROMPT © – it is taught at a post-graduate level. The PROMPT © institute website enables families for find PROMPT © trained clinicians at introductory, and more advanced levels of training: Is there any research to support it? There is a significant body of research underpinning the theoretical approach, as well as the … Read More

Who would benefit from PROMPT© therapy?

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Who would benefit from PROMPT© therapy? | Eastside Speech Solutions Sydney

All of our clients would benefit from from PROMPT Therapy! Those with straight forward speech pronunciation challenges benefit from the extra sensory input of touch to help them to learn new speech movements Those who wish to improve their accent- PROMPT © therapy is especially helpful in teaching people how to say vowels- the parts of speech that impact our … Read More

How is PROMPT therapy different from regular speech therapy?

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PROMPT© stands for: Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets. When a therapist uses PROMPT© they physically move a client’s face and speech structures (jaw, tongue and lips) to help them to know how to say words and phrases. Using this technique, clients don’t need to rely on what they see & hear to copy how to produce particular sounds … Read More