Positive Reinforcement Produces Better Results

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Positive Reinforcement Produces Better Results | Eastside Speech Solutions

Our families at Eastside tell us that Speech Therapy is something their children look forward to each week. Their enjoyment in learning new skills and improving their communication is likely due to a multitude of factors. Fun, meaningful activities appealing to their interests are important. Another important factor is that children are given positive feedback to encourage them to improve. … Read More

Why is repetition important?

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Why is repetition important? | Eastside Speech

Repetition is important, for learning and saying new words. When you are learning new words or teaching your child new words, repetition is important. Young children hear basic daily words thousands of times before they say and use them. They learn the different sounds. They learn to discriminate the sounds of words that are similar. They learn what the words … Read More

Book reading for Babies

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Book reading for Babies | Eastside Speech Solutions

It is never really too young to start reading books with your baby! Babies’ brains are developing foundations of language even before they are able to talk. Sharing with your child a love of books can not only facilitate a close bond with your child, but it can also encourage them to develop a love of reading and attain early … Read More

What types of Assisted Augmentative Communication are available?

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There are 2 types of AAC- high tech and low tech- read below to have them explained. 1.Aided AAC Aided AAC is any external item used to aid communication (Speech Pathology Australia, 2021). This includes, but is not limited to, communication boards, books, computers, mobile phones, tablets, or a speech generating device.  Aided AAC can be split into two categories: … Read More

Facts and Myths about AAC

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AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication.  Augmentative – refers to compensatory strategies used in conjunction with speech. Alternative – refers to alternative communication strategies to verbal output. Some children and adults with significant communication difficulties may need to find other ways to get their message across. You might have seen someone write in a book to answer a question … Read More

Enjoying The Christmas Season With Your Child With Special Needs

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The Christmas season whilst filled with many joyful things can be a tough time especially for families with special needs. Sometimes it can feel like there are endless struggles and meltdowns. Sometimes we may even wish our kids could just go back to school and have the structure and routine they are used to. It can be hard to navigate … Read More