The benefits of school holiday speech, language, and social programs

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benefits of social interaction

School holiday groups provide valuable opportunities for children to generalise and apply what they have learned in one-on-one therapy sessions during the term. They support your child’s learning in the following ways: Real-Life Practice: Social skills and language groups create a real-life setting where children can practice their communication skills in a natural and dynamic environment. Unlike one-on-one therapy sessions, … Read More

Will increasing my child’s attendance at preschool or day-care improve their speech and language difficulties?

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child attendance in preschool

It’s important to note that while preschool can be beneficial for many children, it is rarely the sole solution for addressing specific challenges related to conditions like autism spectrum disorder (ASD), language delay, or pronunciation/speech difficulties. These conditions require specialized interventions and tailored support to effectively address the unique needs of each child. Without this support, pre-school may become a … Read More

What does learning to lose have to do with good social skills?

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social skills for children

Social Skills are an important area that speech pathologists help children and adolescents develop in therapy. Often developing good social skills and social communication is an area children who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder struggle with, however, many neurotypical children also have challenges in this area. One area children often need help with, is learning to lose well. … Read More

Developmental Speech Milestones

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speech development milestone

What sounds should my child be saying at a certain age? Children don’t simply wake up one day pronouncing all of their sounds perfectly. Actually, children develop sounds incrementally as their speech-motor systems mature. Some sounds are more complex to produce than others, so they emerge at a later stage. Though children develop at different rates and variability is expected, … Read More

How to make listening fun for children?

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make listening fun for children

Let’s make listening fun Children don’t always like to listen 🙂 Many young children are curious, quick to act, inexperienced in life, and distractible. This combination makes them great little explorers, but not necessarily the best listeners. Here are five ideas to make listening a little more fun and enticing for our children. After all, everything is better when it’s … Read More

How is speech therapy helpful for differently-abled kids?

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differently abled children

Speech therapy helps children with disabilities improve their speech and language, social communication, reading and writing, and feeding skills. Speech therapy is beneficial to individuals with disabling conditions and boosts academic and social success.  While many children who need speech therapy participate in special education classrooms, children in mainstream classrooms also benefit from speech therapy. Speech therapists help children based … Read More

8 Simple Ways to Take Care of your voice

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ways to take care of your voice

The larynx, or voicebox, is a delicate and complex mechanism of muscles, cartilages, ligaments and nerves that work together to produce voicing for speech. Just like any other part of our body, it can be damaged if mistreated or overused – we call this dysphonia, or a voice disorder. While there are many possible causes for voice problems, the most … Read More

Benefits of Music for Young Children

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Benefits of music for young children | Eastside Speech Solutions

Many of us are naturally drawn to music. Sometimes, we forget that music is also a great medium for teaching an array of skills to our young children. Here are some of the benefits of music for the development of young children, and how to implement them: Songs can stretch our vocabulary. When we listen to or sing songs about … Read More

Why Parents Should Play With Their Kids

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Why Parents Should Play With Their Kids | Eastside Speech Solutions

When my son was about 3 years old, I told him that I was off to work, and he simply responded by telling me “I need to go to work too!” Bemused, I asked him what his job was and he said, “it’s play!” Play is the work of childhood. It is through play that children learn to navigate the … Read More

5 Reasons Why the Humble Playdough is Good for Kids

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Playdough is Good for Kids | Eastside Speech

There’s a reason why the humble playdough is so well loved. Not only is it a fun sensory experience great for developing fine motor skills, it is fabulous for extending a child’s speech and language skills, their social and play skills, and even their early literacy skills. Here are some creative ways to utilise the benefits of playdough to teach … Read More