Mrs Armitage’s Bicycle – by Quentin Blake

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Mrs Armitage s Bicycle - by Quentin Blake EastSide Speech

Mrs Armitage’s Bicycle by Quentin Blake is a delightful children’s book that not only entertains but also offers numerous benefits for speech and language development. This whimsical tale follows Mrs. Armitage as she adds various gadgets and features to her bicycle, creating a hilarious and chaotic adventure. Here are the benefits of this book for speech and language: Vocabulary Expansion: … Read More

Literal Language

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literal language

Some children and adults, especially those with social-emotional communication impairments, will understand and use literal language. But they can struggle with the flexibility of language and understanding underlying meanings that are inferred rather than explicitly stated. However, in conversational speech we often use metaphors, sarcasm and irony without even thinking about it; and it’s our intuition, social empathy, and context … Read More

How is speech therapy helpful for differently-abled kids?

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differently abled children

Speech therapy helps children with disabilities improve their speech and language, social communication, reading and writing, and feeding skills. Speech therapy is beneficial to individuals with disabling conditions and boosts academic and social success.  While many children who need speech therapy participate in special education classrooms, children in mainstream classrooms also benefit from speech therapy. Speech therapists help children based … Read More

Young Adult Communication

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It is often thought that when young people start High School, they have fully developed their communication skills. However, these skills continue to develop throughout their teenage years. It may also be thought that by this time, all young people are on track with their spoken and written language. However, sometimes this is not the case, and difficulties can be … Read More

School Readiness Checklist

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speech therapy for school aged children

Parents attending our clinic ask: “Do you think my child is ready for school?” Below is a guide to help you to think about your child’s school readiness. Remember: it’s a guide (not an exhaustive list) to provide a framework and some ideas about what you can help your child work towards as school approaches. It may also provide guidance … Read More