Is Telehealth Speech Therapy Effective for People Who Have Autism?


Eastside Speech Telehealth Services

COVID-19 came into everyone’s lives at an unpredictable time. It has affected every aspect of our lives, including the ability for people with Autism to access speech and language therapy. Switching from in-person speech and language therapy to Telehealth has not been easy, but the great thing about Telehealth is that it has allowed people with Autism to continue their … Read More

Telehealth FAQs


Before COVID-19 many of us at Eastside Speech had used telehealth for our rural and remote clients, but the pandemic has taken our telehealth skills to the “next level”! A number of our clients now prefer to have speech therapy via telehealth. Here are some of the FAQs asked by clients and families who inquire about telehealth: What is Telehelath? … Read More