Does my child need to read before they start school?

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Children do not need to be able “read” before starting school in order to go on to have good literacy skills. However, the evidence says that it is important that they recognise at least some letters and know the sounds that some letters make. For instance that the letter “m” makes a “mmmm” sound.

Learning a few simple sight words is also very helpful – like “a’, “the” “in”.

Recognising and writing their own name (or at least the first letter of their name) is an important skill to help children with before they start school- it gives them confidence to learn and write other words.

Brenda Dalheim, Head of learning support at Claremont College in Sydney says that the most important thing for parents to do before school is “to make sure their child’s language skills are sufficient. Language is vital in learning and schooling. It is important for your child to have adequate language skills so that they can cope with school and learn. Language is the foundation for early reading, spelling and writing.”

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