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What group of school aged children will progress to adulthood and be:

* 7 times more likely to have any form of anxiety disorder

* 4 times more likely to have generalised anxiety disorder

* 34 times more likely to have a diagnosis of social phobia

* 3 times more likely to have a personality disorder?

Answer: School aged stutterers

That’s why it’s so important to treat their stuttering ASAP!

Whilst the ideal time to treat stuttering is overwhelmingly in the preschool years, those children identified as stuttering when they are school aged can still be successfully treated. The benefits are priceless, especially given the statistics above. Numbers of studies have also shown that the more severe your stuttering is as an adult, the poorer your educational and occupational achievement.

There are a number treatment options available for clinicians to use with the school aged population. The use of technology has now made therapy even “cooler”. Having therapy via Skype is a very attractive option for teenagers, giving them more independence and flexibility than if they needed to come into a clinic.

So if you know a school aged stutterer, take the opportunity to make a huge difference to their quality of life and enable them to get them help they need.

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