How Can Speech Therapy Help People Who Are Hard Of hearing Or Deaf?

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How can speech therapy help people who are hard of hearing or deaf?

Some clients who are hard of hearing or who are deaf choose not to use speech as a means of communication; they use Auslan, which is the sign language we use in Australia.

However, for those clients who wish to use speech as a means of communication, speech therapy is extremely beneficial & helpful in enabling them learn how to pronounce sounds they cannot hear, and making their speech more easily understood.

The speech movements required to make many speech sounds are not easily discernible by looking at someoneā€™s mouth.
At Eastside Speech, all our therapists are trained in PROMPT Ā© therapy, which uses physical touch to help clients know how to make the correct movements for speech sounds and words. This is particularly beneficial for clients who are hard of hearing or who are deaf, as they benefit from the extra sensory input of touch to help them improve their speech.

Speech therapy can also help with other aspects of communication apart from pronouncing words and sentences. Sometimes those who are hard of hearing or who are deaf, require assistance with understanding others communication, for example: following complex sentences, lip reading, understanding inferences or ā€œreading between the linesā€ when listening to what someone is saying, or they need help with improving their social skills and social communication.

Other ways speech therapy can benefit children and adult with hearing loss or deaf, include helping them to formulate grammatically correct sentences, developing their vocabulary or their ability to explain their ideas or events that have occurred clearly and effectively.

The benefits of speech therapy for adult and young children with hearing loss or deaf can be far reaching, enabling them to improve their ability to connect with others socially, to express their needs and desires, to improve their language skills, literacy and school performance, or their employability.

Ainsley Poulos, the principal speech pathologist at Eastside Speech Solutions is one of only 4 PROMPT instructors in Australia, and is the only certified instructor in Sydney. For more about ourĀ PROMPT Therapy solutions, get in touch with one of our speech pathology today on 02 9313 8980.