How is PROMPT therapy different from regular speech therapy?

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PROMPT© stands for: Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets.

When a therapist uses PROMPT© they physically move a client’s face and speech structures (jaw, tongue and lips) to help them to know how to say words and phrases. Using this technique, clients don’t need to rely on what they see & hear to copy how to produce particular sounds and words – they are physically shown how to do it and can “feel” it too. 

PROMPT benefits all clients by adding touch. Touch is our most efficient means of learning movements. That’s why we use it at our clinic.

PROMPT© has a “bottom up” approach to helping clients with speech movement. It focuses on analysing and developing jaw, lip and tongue movement skills that form the basis of our speech, rather than focusing solely on the speech sounds themselves.

Traditional speech therapy relies on clients being able to imitate sounds by copying what they see and hear. 

Ainsley Poulos, the principal speech pathologist at Eastside Speech Solutions is one of only 4 PROMPT instructors in Australia, and is the only certified instructor in Sydney. For more about our PROMPT Therapy solutions, get in touch with us today on 02 9313 8980.