June 2024 Newsletter

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Welcome to our June Newsletter! It has been another busy month at Eastside Speech Solutions. We’ve been dedicated to helping our clients achieve their communication goals with passion and expertise. We hope you have survived the cold weather and enjoyed the glimpses of sunshine this June.

In this months newsletter, learn how to use music to make language learning fun for your toddler in our blog post. Find out about the book ‘Norman Didn’t Do it’ in our ‘Resource of the Month’ segment.

Plus, meet our newest member of the Speech Pathology team, Charlene!

Using Music to Connect and Communicate with Your Child

Music can make language learning so much fun and help your child communicate! Here are a few ways you can use music.

First, you can incorporate songs throughout your child’s day – perhaps singing a happy song in the morning or lullaby as you snuggle in the evening.

Second, you can also sing specific songs about your child’s everyday experiences, like when you’re looking at the rain, singing, “rain, rain, go away.” Or when you see a star, singing “twinkle, twinkle, little star.” When you see a bus, “wheels on the bus,” or when you see a web or spider, “incy wincy spider,” or when you see a cake, “Pat a cake.” There are so many ways this can be incorporated into every day. Click here to continue reading.

Resource of the Month: Norman Didn’t Do It’

“Norman Didn’t Do It, (Yes He Did)” by R.T. Higgins is a heart-warming tale that intricately weaves together themes of friendship, honesty, and the value of sharing. Through the endearing friendship between Norman, a porcupine, and Mildred, a tree, young readers embark on a journey of self-discovery and moral reflection.

The story revolves around Norman and Mildred, who share an unorthodox but deeply cherished friendship. Norman, possessive of his bond with Mildred, finds himself grappling with jealousy when surprises disrupt their secluded existence. In his attempts to safeguard their friendship, Norman resorts to deception, fabricating stories to maintain his exclusive connection with Mildred.

One of the central themes of “Norman Didn’t Do It, (Yes He Did)” is the importance of sharing and inclusivity in friendships. Through Norman’s journey, children learn that friendship is not about possession but about mutual respect, trust, and understanding. As Norman navigates the complexities of his emotions, young readers are encouraged to consider the benefits of sharing friends and embracing new experiences.

Moreover, the book skilfully explores the emotional nuances of jealousy and possessiveness, highlighting the detrimental effects they can have on relationships. As Norman confronts his feelings of insecurity and learns to let go of his possessive tendencies, children are reminded of the importance of openness and generosity in fostering meaningful connections with others.

In addition to its profound thematic elements, “Norman Didn’t Do It, Yes He Did” offers numerous language-learning opportunities for young readers. Higgins’ witty dialogue and clever wordplay not only entertain but also encourage language development, communication skills, and critical thinking.

“Norman Didn’t Do It, Yes He Did” also offers the opportunity for creative engagement through various crafts inspired by the story. Children can immerse themselves further in Norman and Mildred’s world by creating porcupine-themed art, crafting miniature wheelbarrows, or exploring tree-related activities. These hands-on projects not only enhance the reading experience but also foster creativity, fine motor skills, and imaginative play.

In summary, “Norman Didn’t Do It, (Yes He Did)” is a heart-warming and thought-provoking book that offers valuable lessons in friendship, honesty, and the importance of sharing. Through its engaging narrative, relatable characters, and exploration of moral dilemmas, it serves as a valuable resource for helping children navigate the complexities of relationships and understand the benefits of inclusivity, generosity, and empathy. Whether read aloud or enjoyed independently, this book is sure to captivate young readers and inspire meaningful conversations about friendship, integrity, and the power of self-discovery. Listen to a reading of the book.

Meet a team member: Charlene

Charlene enjoys building relationships with clients and supporting them to communicate meaningfully with others. She is passionate about empowering clients and their families by providing services that are engaging, family-centred and evidence-based.

Charlene has experience working in different settings, including schools, community health centres, hospitals, and delivering telehealth services. She has experience working with clients with speech, language, literacy and fluency difficulties. She has a particular interest in working with children who stutter. Charlene has been trained in PROMPT therapy. Charlene also enjoys collaborating with other professionals to provide holistic care for clients.

Charlene speaks conversational Cantonese and has experience working with clients who have culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Click here to meet more of our team.