How to make listening fun for children?

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make listening fun for children

Let’s make listening fun

Children don’t always like to listen 🙂 Many young children are curious, quick to act, inexperienced in life, and distractible. This combination makes them great little explorers, but not necessarily the best listeners. Here are five ideas to make listening a little more fun and enticing for our children. After all, everything is better when it’s fun 🙂

1. Turn an instruction into a song. Do you know a good “tidy up” song? Many children enjoy music and will happily sing along and do the actions. Change the words to favourite songs like ‘this is the way’ and ‘if you’re happy and you know it’s to make your instruction fun (e.g. this is the way you pack away).

2. Race with me. Turn your routine activity into a race. Does your child enjoy a race? Let’s see if he can race daddy and be the first to put on their shoes!

3. Do it with a teddy. If your child has a favourite toy, involve the toy and let it model the behaviour. For example, when you have a child who wants to keep playing rather than to have lunch, you can try, “listen, is that teddy’s tummy grumbling? (listen to teddy’s tummy) Oh dear, let’s go to the table and give teddy some lunch!’.

4. Pretend play. Children have a grand imagination and love to pretend. Instead of “go and wash your hands please”, your child may enjoy pretending to be a soldier and marching all the way to the toilet or pretend to be a train and drive their way to the hand-washing station (choo-choo!!).

5. Counting. Some children love to count, so why not incorporate numbers into their everyday routine and make it a learning opportunity too? For example, “let’s see how many big steps it takes us to get to the car?”, or “let’s brush our teeth for 20 seconds, ready, 1.. 2..3..”.

Hopefully, we can show our children that whilst listening can be tricky, it can be fun too ?

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