March 2024 Newsletter

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Welcome to our March Newsletter! It has been a busy month at Eastside Speech Solutions in the lead-up to Easter and the April school holidays. This month, we have seen the introduction of our ‘Client of the month’ segment on our social media, our clinicians visited local preschools, and we held our annual Easter egg guessing competition. A big congratulations to Miranda who won the competition (her guess was 1 Easter egg off!)

In this months newsletter, find out about how screen time affects a child’s speech and language development from our blog post ‘Is Screen Time a problem for kids?’

Our resource of the month for February is The Bears picture cards. Continue reading to hear how we use these cards in therapy to support emotional literacy.

Plus, meet the newest member of our admin team, Siobhan. We are very excited to have her join the team here at Eastside Speech Solutions.

screen time a problem for kids

Is screen time a problem for Kids?

In today’s world, screens are everywhere – phones, tablets, computers, and TVs are all over our lives. They bring lots of good things, but there’s a worry, especially for kids. A recent study by the Telethon Kids Institute looked into this worry: too much screen time might affect how well toddlers learn to talk.

The study found something worrying: kids might miss hearing up to 1,000 words from adults every day because they’re spending too much time with screens. This is important because kids learn to talk by hearing and chatting with people around them.

Learning to talk is a big deal for kids. It starts from when they’re babies and keeps going as they grow. Talking helps them learn words, how to put sentences together, and how to communicate with others. But when they’re glued to screens, they miss chances to chat with people and learn from what’s happening around them…

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Resource of the Month: The Bears Emotion Cards

We’ve recently added a great resource, “The bears” to our clinic repertoire. These cards feature 48 bear characters modelling a wide range of emotions using facial expressions and body language. We’ve been using them effectively to assist children in developing their emotional vocabulary by being able to recognise and talk about feelings in themselves and others. This skill enhances empathy and interpersonal skills. We’ve also been using them as a tool to help our clients create engaging stories by being able to express a varied range of emotions.

Find The Bears Cards Online.

eastside speech team member

Meet a team member: Siobhan

Siobhan is in her first year studying International Relations and History at UNSW and enjoys contributing to helpful and welcoming atmospheres similar to Eastside. She’s eager to create connections and engage with Eastside Clients whilst working on our Admin team!

Why do you like working at Eastside Speech Solutions?

I love witnessing such genuine support and encouragement within the community here at Eastside.

Where is your favourity place in the world?

Anywhere near a beach with my family

Fun fact:

I was born in Chile!

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