New Therapy Resource: The Bears

Eastside SpeechBlog

At Eastside Speech Solutions, we’re excited to unveil our latest therapy resource: “The Bears.” These cards feature 48 endearing bear characters, each portraying a spectrum of emotions through nuanced facial expressions and body language.

We have been using “The Bears” to help our clients develop emotional literacy. By engaging with these cards, our clients not only understand and learn to express their own feelings, but also learn to empathize with others’ emotions. This journey toward emotional intelligence sets the stage for meaningful social interactions and lays a sturdy foundation for healthy relationships.

But that’s not all – “The Bears” is also a versatile tool in honing language skills too. Our clients eagerly delve into the world of storytelling, using the diverse emotions depicted by the bears to enrich their vocabulary and narrative depth. These cards have also been useful to help clients understand and infer emotions of characters when reading stories, a skill crucial to language and literacy development. These cards serve as invaluable companions, nurturing both receptive and expressive language skills in our sessions.

Whether it’s unraveling nuanced emotions or articulating complex feelings, “The Bears” cards have been wonderful to use in our therapy sessions. At Eastside Speech Solutions, we’re thrilled to witness the transformative impact of “The Bears” cards as they continue to inspire growth and connection in our clinic.