Eastside Speech Solutions is committed to providing all of our clients with exceptional care.

For the best outcomes for you or your child, it is important that you attend your therapy sessions regularly.

Unfortunately, as we have a waiting list and can only see a finite number of clients, this policy seeks to maximise the benefit to all existing and future clients.

Your Appointment

For your convenience a time and day each week will be allocated for you or your child’s appointment. We allocate this time to you and will not give it to anyone else (until your therapy is complete or until you tell us otherwise).

You will receive an email confirmation for an initial appointment which will include links to a questionnaire and our policies. Please complete these forms prior to your appointment. You will receive an SMS reminder 3 days prior to each session. You will also receive a 2-question wellness check via email and SMS to complete prior to your arrival at the practice.

Our Late Notice Policy

Our late notice policy reflects the time that our speech therapists set aside for your appointment, and their time spent preparing.

We also have a waiting list, so if we are given reasonable notice, there is a possibility that we can offer another client a time for a one-off appointment.

We require 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment (for any reason). The full appointment fee will be charged for any appointment cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment. (Please note 48 hrs notice is required for NDIS plan managed clients.) We will offer you a telehealth session as an alternative.

Consistency in the attendance policy

​Regular attendance at therapy sessions ensures that we can continue to support our clients to work towards their goals. Repeated cancellations, regardless of the reason, reduces our ability to achieve treatment outcomes.

If you cancel more than 3 sessions in advance in a school term, any subsequent cancellations will be charged at the full session fee (plus GST) in order to hold your place.

In order to support families to keep their session time when they are unable to attend with advanced notice, we offer other service options to avoid cancelling appointments such as: parent sessions, telehealth therapy and other professional consults. If you know you are unable to attend your appointment with advance notice, you will be offered one of these options at the time of your usual appointment, that your therapist will have discussed with you beforehand.

When a client is struggling to attend their appointments or follow through with recommendations we will discuss with you if now is the right time for you or your child to be attending therapy and suggest that you revisit therapy at a later date when you are better placed to enhance progress.

Improvements, Compliments, Complaints

If you have suggestions/feedback for improvements, compliments or a complaint we are keen to hear them.

You can inform us in the following ways:

  • Mention any of these to your therapist directly.
  • If you have a complaint, and you feel it has not been able to be resolved by talking to your therapist, or would prefer not to raise with your therapist, please contact the director or practice manager.
  • You may do so anonymously via our feedback forms located in reception (please bear in mind that it will be difficult to resolve an anonymous complaint if we cannot contact you or we require further information)
  • Our comprehensive feedback and complaints policy is available at reception.

Our aim is to resolve any issues to everyone’s satisfaction quickly and informally by talking to your therapist or the clinic director.