School Readiness Checklist

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Parents attending our clinic ask: “Do you think my child is ready for school?

Below is a guide to help you to think about your child’s school readiness. Remember: it’s a guide (not an exhaustive list) to provide a framework and some ideas about what you can help your child work towards as school approaches. It may also provide guidance as to whether your child may need some professional help before starting school.

Literacy & Numeracy

  • I can recognise my own name
  • I can recognise the sound some letters make (eg ‘m’ makes the sound “mmmm”)
  • I know how to hold a book & where it starts
  • I can recognise words that rhyme
  • I can count and recognise the written numerals to 10

Speech & Language

  • I can say all my speech sounds correctly except “th” for thing or that
  • I can speak in grammatically correct sentences
  • I can express my needs and wants & ask for help
  • I can recount a story or experience
  • I have a wide vocabulary
  • I can follow 3 part directions in the correct order
  • I can recognise a variety of shapes and colours
  • I can listen to stories, and maintain attention
  • I can respond to “wh” questions (who, what, where, …)

Fine Motor / Gross Motor

  • I can hold a pencil with the correct grip
  • I can use scissors with the correct grip
  • I can draw recognisable pictures with some detail
  • I can catch a ball

Social / emotional

  • I can follow rules & accept instruction from adults
  • I can play cooperatively & take turns
  • I can manage minor frustrations and disappointments
  • I can separate happily from my parents
  • I can move on to new activities easily, at the nominated time

Self Help

  • I can dress myself
  • I can recognise my belongings
  • I can toilet myself

By- Ainsley Poulos (Director Eastside Speech)
& Brenda Dalheim (Head of Learning Support, Claremont College, Randwick)

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