Sequencing Activities with Children

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Sequencing is an important skill as it assists with understanding cause and effect, comprehension and problem solving.

Here are some activities you can try to help develop your child’s problem solving skills

1. Following a recipe

Recipes are a fun way to teach your child to follow sequenced instructions. Print out a recipe, talk through the steps before you start, tick off the steps as you go along. At the end, you can ask your child to recall the steps of the recipe back to you.

2. Daily routine

At the start of each day you can talk through the activities of the day with your child. Write it out on a whiteboard or piece of paper. As you go through each activity, cross it off. At the end of the day, see if your child can recall what they did during the day.

3. Weekend

Take photos of your child participating in various activities over the weekend e.g. playing sport, play dates etc. At the end of the weekend see if your child can sequence the activities that they did, you can use pictures to prompt them if needed!

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