Literacy, Reading & Spelling

Literacy Therapist

At Eastside Speech we provide individualised programs to help children with literacy problems.

These programs include a thorough assessment to determine the nature of your child’s difficulty. Therapy at Eastside Speech is fun, addressing the underlying challenges your child is having with reading and spelling.

We provide you with the resources to do home practice so your child can make the greatest gains possible and become more confident at school, play, and in social situations.

Therapist teaching a boy how to read | Eastside Speech Solutions Sydney

Spelling & Reading Therapy

We all want our kids to spell and read well – these skills are the cornerstone of their education.

Successful spelling and reading are reliant on a number of skills:

  • Identifying letter sounds
  • Being able to segment sounds in words
  • Being able to blend sounds in words together
  • Being able to manipulate the sounds in words – deleting/adding/changing sounds around to make new words
  • Knowing some basic spelling rules to apply to unfamiliar words.

Speech pathologists are particularly skilled in assessing children with reading difficulties and spelling challenges also pinpointing exactly where their difficulties are.

Literacy, Reading & Spelling | Eastside Speech Solutions Sydney

Individualised Programs

At Eastside Speech Solutions we aim to help your child where they are at, to build confidence and develop their reading and spelling skills. We design individualised programs for children based on our thorough assessment and provide resources to help parents support their children during the week.

Don’t sit back and wait and see if your child will “catch up”. Contact Eastside Speech and our speech pathology will help you and your child address any issues early and encourage your child to become a successful confident reader and speller.

Literacy, Reading & Spelling | Eastside Speech Solutions Sydney

Frequently Asked Speech Therapy Questions

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