Preschool Screenings

Free Speech and Language Assessment For Preschoolers

Many parents wonder if their child’s speech is at the right level for their age.

Eastside Speech provides FREE Speech and Language screenings to preschools in our local area.

Preschool Screener

It takes a maximum of 10 minutes per preschooler. The screener looks at how children are saying words and sounds as well as their comprehension/expression of language. Each parent receives a short report indicating if their child’s performance is what is expected for their age, or if further evaluation is recommended.

This is a great service that you are able to offer the children at your preschool centre. Please contact us to arrange a preschool screening session.

Little boy undergoing preschool screening | Eastside Speech Solutions Sydney

Professional Development Sessions For Preschool Staff

We are very keen to run preschool staff education sessions focusing on speech and language development at your preschool. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in a preschool screening morning or having us run a professional development session session for your staff.

Frequently Asked Speech Therapy Questions

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