Stuttering is a speech disorder in which sound, syllables or words are repeated or prolonged, disrupting the natural flow of speech. These interruptions may be accompanied by pauses, signs of struggle and tension such as eye blinking or facial twitching.

Stuttering is often misunderstood. It is not a psychological problem or due to anxiety, stress or poor parenting.

Stuttering can vary from person to person and range from mild to severe. Stuttering is NEVER a normal part of a child’s speech development.

Stuttering can interfere with people’s social interactions and can lead to the development of social anxiety which can seriously affect day-to-day life. Please contact us as soon as you notice your child is stuttering.

Many adults struggle with stuttering for years before deciding that it is time to seek some assistance. There are a variety of treatments available. The nature of the treatment will differ, based upon a person’s age, communication goals and other factors.


Two evidence based treatments are available and used at Eastside Speech:

  • The Lidcombe program
  • The Camperdown program
  • Westmead program
  • Oakville program

At Eastside we use the Lidcombe Program to treat children’s stuttering. All of our therapists are trained and experienced in this program.

The Westmead and the Oakville programs are both designed for young children who stutter, and involve using Syllable Timed Speech to help reduce stuttering in young children or school-aged children

We use the Camperdown Program in our treatment of adult stuttering.

Both the Lidcome and Camperdown programs were developed and are constantly being improved and refined by researchers at the Australian Stuttering Research Centre at the University of Sydney.

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