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Here at Eastside Speech Solutions, we offer Telehealth Therapy! Telehealth Therapy is when speech services are provided online through live video. At Eastside a link to an online platform (such as Zoom or Webex) is sent directly to you. It’s a very handy tool that allows you or your child to still attend speech therapy even if unexpected things get thrown your way.

Telehealth Therapy is a great option if:

  • The commute to the clinic is too far for you.
  • You live in a rural or remote area.
  • You don’t have time in your busy schedule to drive to the clinic.
  • You, your child, or any of your family members are feeling unwell, but are still well enough to still participate in therapy.
  • You are required to stay home due to the impact of COVID -19

You may have concerns that Telehealth services won’t give you or your families the same results that in-person therapy would. Parents and clients will be relieved to hear that research has shown the effects of Telehealth/online speech therapy are still as effective as coming directly into the clinic. We have provided some helpful links to evidence based research articles and our blog post (see below) about the effectiveness of Telehealth sessions for clients with ASD.

Telehealth Speech Therapy | Eastside Speech Solutions Sydney

Although Telehealth is still effective in speech therapy treatment, it does require additional care and engagement by a parent or caregiver. When using Telehealth, Speech Language Pathologists can’t physically be in the same room as the client. This means with young clients, parents need to be hands-on with their child and in communication with the speech pathologist to help deliver the therapy activities. The parent must also make sure the child is focused, they must set-up for the online video call, have therapy materials ready, fix any technological difficulties, and make sure the therapy session runs smoothly. This new dynamic between the parent, child, and speech pathologist allows for parents to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Directly see how therapy is administered to their child
  • Be more hands-on with their child
  • Directly see the progress their child is making in therapy
  • Have a better understanding of SLPs therapy treatments

Teletherapy has been used successfully across a broad range of areas we treat in speech therapy. Some examples of clients who use Telehealth include:

  • Stuttering
  • Early Language Development
  • Developmental Delay
  • Working on speech sounds
  • Fluency Difficulties
  • Stroke/TBI Patients
  • Articulation Difficulties
  • Accent Modification
  • Language Difficulties
  • Literacy Difficulties
  • Early Intervention

If you’re interested in using Telehealth therapy services, consult with Speech Therapists at Eastside today!

Check out our blog post on The effectiveness of Teletherapy for clients with ASD

Also, take a look at these other resources that talk about the effectiveness of Telehealth!

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