Voice Care Workshops

Voice Care Workshops for Professional Voice Users

As employers we need to ensure that we are providing a safe environment for all our staff and provide adequate training to help prevent accidents and injuries.

Group of professionals attending voice care workshop | Eastside Speech Solutions Sydney

It is essential for teachers and professional voice users to be aware of how they can look after their voices and prevent voice injury.

At Eastside Speech Solutions we provide 1 hour voice care workshops for staff teams who rely on their voices to do their jobs.

The workshops are suitable for:

  • teachers/lecturers
  • fitness instructors
  • call centre workers
  • employees who rely on using the phone or engage in online meetings

Our workshops are interactive and engaging and cover the following topics:

  • OH&S requirements
  • Factors affecting vocal health at work
  • Reducing the impact of adverse factors on your voice
  • Developing vocal fitness
  • Dealing with a voice disorder

If you or your organisation are interested in supporting your team in this way, please contact us!

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