Summer 2024 Newsletter

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Happy New Year from the team at Eastside Speech Solutions! We hope you have had a wonderful break over the summer.

In this months newsletter, we share some tips for helping your child transition to school. It can be a big step for children and parents alike. Read on for some practical tips to manage this transition.

Continue reading to find out about our Book of the Month Giraffes Can’t Dance and how we use this book in the clinic. Plus meet Sofie, one of our excellent Speech Pathologists here at Eastside.

Tips for Helping Your Child Transition to School

In our clinic, there are several children who are starting kindergarten this year. It’s a big step and can bring feelings of excitement and uncertainty for both children and parents. As we head towards this first day, many parents are wondering: how can we prepare our child best for school? Well, the good news is that the NSW Dept of education has some great tips for how we can do this:

This article highlights the importance of parents and children sharing a positive and enthusiastic attitude to school. Click on the link below to read more about how this can be done.  Click here to read more.

Book of the Month: Giraffes Can’t Dance

Gerald the giraffe wishes he could dance. Every other animal in the jungle can dance- the warthogs waltz, the chimps cha-cha, and the lions tango. For Gerald, his knees just buckle whenever he twirls, and the other animals laugh at him. Thankfully there is one animal who believes in Gerald, a little cricket. With the help of the cricket, Gerald learns to dance to his own tune.

Giraffes Can’t Dance is an excellent book for encouraging early literacy skills. At Eastside Speech Solutions, we use this book to work on:

  1. Rhyme awareness
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Sequencing i.e. First Gerald feels sad he cannot dance, then the cricket helps him.
  4. Inferencing skills
  5. Narrative elements i.e. identifying characters, setting, complication etc.
  6. Speech sounds e.g. initial and final j

Find this book online.

Meet a team member: Sofie

Sofie loves working alongside children and adults as a Speech Pathologist, helping and supporting them to effectively communicate. She is passionate about helping others and providing patient-centred and holistic care to all ages. Sofie’s bubbly and friendly nature allows her to create positive experiences for all patients to reach their communication goals.

Sofie is familiar with working in a variety of environments including rehabilitation centres, schools, hospitals and via telehealth services. Sofie has a passion for working with adults presenting with voice disorders, Aphasia and Dementia. Sofie also has an interest in working with children with developmental language delays, speech sound disorders, and literacy difficulties.

Sofie speaks conversational Greek and feels passionate about creating strong connections with patients and families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Meet more of our team.