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I think Sam DeBrito’s article in the Sydney Morning Herald SMH 19/8/12  tapped into every parent’s greatest fear when their kids struggle with literacy. Literacy is the key to the door of participating in life – even looking for a job is virtually impossible without it. Sam’s experience of looking for literacy help also showed that even finding help with reading as an adult devastatingly requires a certain level of reading competency. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that getting onto reading problems early is so important.

In clinic, we all feel so fabulous when kids start to “get it” with reading. We use the Lizzy Literacy program developed by speech pathologist Judy Armstrong. She told me that teachers begged her to write down what she was doing in clinic because “whatever she was doing with her kids in clinic “worked!” It certainly does. I find that its attributes of physical movement, colours, and not relying on writing in the early stages, means that even children with significant developmental challenges make progress.

The simple rules that you learn that govern all the words we spell (but none of us can articulate) make the program terrific for both children and adults.

Did you know that you always use a K (instead of C) when e, i or y comes next – kite kick, keg (except for Australian animals and 3 other exceptions)?; or that after a short vowel, we always use CK instead of K (duck trick, back)?

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