Using Music to Connect and Communicate with Your Child

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Using Music to connect and communicate with your child

Music can make language learning so much fun and help your child communicate! Here are a few ways you can use music.

First, you can incorporate songs throughout your child’s day – perhaps singing a happy song in the morning or lullaby as you snuggle in the evening.

Second, you can also sing specific songs about your child’s everyday experiences, like when you’re looking at the rain, singing, “rain, rain, go away.” Or when you see a star, singing “twinkle, twinkle, little star.” When you see a bus, “wheels on the bus,” or when you see a web or spider, “incy wincy spider,” or when you see a cake, “Pat a cake.” There are so many ways this can be incorporated into every day.

Thirdly, music can be a great way to teach your child how to take turns. When you first begin singing, choose a song with actions. You’ll find your child watches you closely and might move their body to show their enjoyment. Once your child knows the song, they’ll know what is going to come next. In time your child will learn to take a turn by doing one or two of the actions, sounds or even words. As your child’s communication develops, he or she will be able to participate even more by taking turns throughout the song using actions, sounds and words. If your child doesn’t take his turn after you wait, give a clue. Then wait again. If he/she still doesn’t, then do the action with them and continue singing. Eventually, they may request a specific song using the action, sound or word.

Music is such a great way to interact with your child and bond with them!

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