What should I do when I read to my preschooler?

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preschooler reading book

Whilst simply reading to your preschooler is beneficial, there a few extra things parents can do to make reading extra valuable and promote literacy & language development.

Brenda Dalheim, Head of learning support at Claremont College in Sydney makes the following suggestions:

  • “Whilst reading to your child, point to some of the words. Your child will benefit greatly by learning the fundamentals of reading – tracking with their eyes from left to right, beginning to see that some words repeat again and again in stories (sight words – the, and).
  • Ask questions about the story. Ask open- ended questions and closed questions. Examples of open ended questions are: “what do you think will happen next? “what makes a nice friend?”. Examples of closed questions are: “what colour are his shoes?”, “what did the girl paint?”.
  • Ask “wh” questions about the story – these are “who, what, when, where & why” questions
  • Look at the pictures in the book and talk about them. Try to help your child use the pictures to answer questions and predict what the next page is about, before you read it.
  • Try and help your child to recall the names of characters.
  • Explain certain words that appear in the books you are reading, Teach everyday vocabulary
    • Household items (kitchen, bedroom, etc.)
    • Outdoor environment (trees, slide, playground, etc.)
    • Concept words (in, on, under, first, second, etc.)
    • Verbs (doing words)
    • School related vocabulary (locker, backpack, eraser, canteen…)

Remember to make reading time fun!

At Eastside Speech we provide individualised programs to help children with literacy problems. We provide you with the resources to do home practice so your child can make the greatest gains possible and become more confident at school, play and in social situations. For more information about our Literacy, Reading & Spelling Specialised Programs for Children get in touch with one of our Speech Pathologists today on 02 9313 8980.