When is early speech intervention appropriate?

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Many parents contact our clinic, concerned about their child’s speech and language, and are unsure if early intervention is appropriate.

Our recommendation is always to come in and have an assessment, so then we will know if their child’s skills are appropriate for their age or not.

Some families know early on that their child has a developmental delay and/or have a genetic condition, which often means that they are likely to have speech and language challenges. The time to start intervention is now. It is better to start on the “front foot”, rather than wait until your child is already 6 months behind- remember 6 months delay for a 2 year old is one quarter of their life.

Children develop speech and language skills in an orderly manner, where skills are build on the ones that have already been achieved.

Having delays early are a warning sign, to parents to get help. These delays will have flow on affects to later developing skills. Ultimately we need to help our children to have sufficient skills maximise the ability to have academic and social success by the time the reach the school years.

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