Who would benefit from PROMPT© therapy?

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Who would benefit from PROMPT© therapy? | Eastside Speech Solutions Sydney

All of our clients would benefit from from PROMPT Therapy!

  • Those with straight forward speech pronunciation challenges benefit from the extra sensory input of touch to help them to learn new speech movements
  • Those who wish to improve their accent- PROMPT © therapy is especially helpful in teaching people how to say vowels- the parts of speech that impact our accents most
  • Those with underlying conditions like dysarthria as a result of cerebral palsy. PROMPT© addresses the underlying movement issues that make improving speech intelligibility difficult.
  • Those with speech apraxia and complex speech movement challenges benefit from the “bottom up” approach of PROMPT©, where the underlying movement of the jaw lips and tongue are addressed.
  • Those with hearing impairment. People with hearing challenges really benefit from the added benefit of touch to learn how to make different speech sounds, as many sounds can’t be learnt from copying what you see.
  • It helps those struggling with literacy to “feel” the different sounds in words without relying on hearing alone.
  • Those with Autism Spectrum Disorder are helped by the added benefit of touch of the PROMPT© approach.

Ainsley Poulos, the principal speech pathologist at Eastside Speech Solutions is one of only 4 PROMPT instructors in Australia, and is the only certified instructor in Sydney. For more about our PROMPT Therapy solutions, get in touch with us today on 02 9313 8980.