Why should I try & improve my accent?

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Not everyone needs to improve their accent- but if your pronunciation means that people can’t understand you, then that might be a sign that you would benefit from some help.

Not being understood is frustrating for you, frustrating for your listeners, and can have a serious impact on your ability to pass your degree or progress in your career. We receive many calls from employers seeking help for their great employees who they cannot promote because they can’t be understood. Many university students contact us because they cannot be understood during their presentations. Having help to be a confident communicator is important.


Eastside Speech Solutions provide a comprehensive individualised assessment which is crucial in setting goals and priorities in therapy. We then formulate an individualised plan so people can make the greatest gains possible in accent improvement. For more about our Accent Modification & Elocution Lessons, get in touch with us today on 02 9313 8980.