Why should I try & improve my accent?

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Not all language learners need to alter or modify their accent, but if you find it is affecting your ‘intelligibility’ – or how well others understand you – then you may benefit from accent modification therapy to improve your English accent.

Not being understood can be frustrating for you and your listeners, and has been shown to negatively impact educational and occupational outcomes (even in those with excellent or fluent English language skills). We are often contacted by companies seeking help for some of their brightest employees, whose pronunciation and accent may be holding them back from a promotion. We also see a number of university students seeking tips on how to improve their English speaking and listening skills, so they can be better understood during presentations or job interviews.

It is important to note that learning English as a second language is NOT considered a speech or language disorder. We will always celebrate diversity and never diminish or discourage your native language. Accent modification therapy will help you pay attention to the nuances of the Australian English accent, and improve your pronunciation of English words and phrases in situations where boosting your intelligibility is important to YOU.

Eastside Speech Solutions provide a comprehensive individualised assessment which is crucial for setting goals and priorities in therapy. We then formulate an individualised therapy plan so that English learners can become the most confident communicators possible. For more about our Accent Modification & Elocution Lessons, get in touch with us today on 02 9313 8980.